Thursday, 9 February 2012

Week Five

Week five was spent repurposing the poster for the Kianga Ford Lecture that we had designed last semester. Because of some changes in the gallery schedule, the event was moved to February, and we were instructed to hold onto the files of our original design. 

Kianga's work is a culmination of installation, environmental stimulation, and performance pieces. The idea for her newest project "Walking Home", deals heavily with human interaction and mapping the spaces we (in different cultures and social groups) inhabit - the concept of which Chris and I based the design on. We wanted to design a piece that felt interacted with, and traveled, thus the map: which we attained from screen shots of google maps. We then went on a mission around campus to find some dirt to make a messy footprint, and bothered another one of the other interns, Matt Pham, into sampling some of his handwriting for the title. After scanning all of these elements into digital files that we could layer, we added the event information in a map legend-this is what we had to repurpose for the current poster design. Not only did we have to change the dates, but we had to include additional information about a two-day workshop with the artist.

This is the final design that was printed and folded in half and then thirds to emulate a road map.

We were also asked to design a quick typographical poster containing the schedule of Genius Loci events for the month of February, that in addition begins to sketch out a new brand for the Genius Loci Visiting Artist Lecture Series. Chris and I worked together on this poster; our main goal being to create a design that expressed an urgency for the one time events, without being obtrusive. We achieved this by creating a schedule that would be a template for months to come, using contrasting color to show hierarchy.

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