Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Week Seven

Now that the Kianga Ford event has passed, Chris and I were asked to update the Genius Loci Schedule of events for the rest of the semester. The original poster was never used, because the prints were not picked up by the gallery in time to hang before the lecture, so we took this opportunity to tweak the Genius Loci brand. Originally we had two squares-a subtle suggestions of an open book/notes, but decided to change to four to help balance the rectangular movement in the design. For the updated schedule we went back to playing around with the book idea, adding a folded corner to help assist with the visual connection. To resolve the awkward negative space we blocked the name, title, and logo all together, and rotated the rectangles to take up horizontal instead of vertical space. Lastly, we updated the Craig Colorusso event info, and replaced Kianga Ford with Miranda Lash.

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