Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Week Three and Four

This week and last have been extremely busy for TAG. We have three shows we're working on material for: TAGGED 2012, Chad Curtis: All Natural, and Kianga Ford:Walking Home.

The primary task of week three was to get out the Call Poster for TAGGED the student show. Because this show deals with the work of the student body, we wanted to come up with a design that conjured the feeling of familiarity or community. The challenge was in maintaing the branding of past TAGGED shows. We thought about what it feels like to be an art student in the UWF art department, and how we would identify that concept: tools, and process. The call poster is an arrangement of these tools, that we as art students use as a vehicle for our craft. We collected tools and materials from students around the department in organized them in a grid we found visually interesting, and appointed a photography student to help us in the photo studio.

In the photo studio with interns Chris Edgar and Matt Pham

This week and last I've been tweaking and redesigning materials for the Chad Curtis show that opens tomorrow. Last week I finalized the event poster: changes included spacing/kerning, and testing color for print. This week I designed a separate poster for the Genius Loci Artist Lecture. One of the things that I was most pleased about with the event poster was the amount of white space in the environment of the design. So with the small amount of information to be included in the Genius Loci poster design I felt the  perfect circumstance to push this even further. To keep consistency I kept the halftone circle/artist name and title arrangement, with event information underneath. I started out with a design with lots of breathing room and a visual lightness, but the gallery director requested that the information be more prominent. After asking the other interns for a critique we came up with a "zoomed in" concept. With both the information and the landscape scaled up it suggested a detailed look of the event poster...which we felt really complimented the idea of the Genius Loci event as a focus on the artist and the work.

Now, what's left to do is the title wall installation and exhibition handout. I'm still waiting on text for the exhibition handout, but I plan on on doing something similar to what Chris did for the Derek Cote exhibition: a 4 x 11 design, which would allow us to print 4 per sheet in the lab. The Chad Curtis design however, will be landscape orientation. 

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